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Clark Atlanta University junior, Almiya White interned with headlining network, CBS this summer. “Anxious. Aware. Alert. I really always was just on my toes,” White said. 

The mass media arts major had the opportunity to learn more about her passion for news in Washington D.C. She was the only student from southern United States and a Historically Black College selected as an intern.

Nationwide, there were 15 students chosen for the internship program with CBS.  “I was the only HBCU student to be selected against other Ivy League students. Harvard, Stanford, Penn State, Duke, Temple University, which was a lot of competition,” White said.

While interning for CBS, White decided that working for a national network was a job she did not want for her career path. “Everything is politics. I don’t enjoy raw politics that much. I want to work for a local station,” she stated. White wants to be a Multimedia Journalist with plans to intern with a local Atlanta news station for summer 2019.

“Sometimes being a reporter, you struggle to tell that story,” White stated. But a CBS employee advised her “find the character first, then tell the story.” The statement made the internship, storytelling, and writing much easier as a journalist White shared.

During this internship, White had the responsibilities of gathering, editing and redistributing footage to CBS affiliates; local, nationally and internationally.

She had the opportunity to visit the White House on multiple occasions. White shadowed Mola Lenghi, CBS News Path reporter on her first visit. Affording her the opportunity to learn the process of putting together news packages and practice a reporter’s stand up.

White’s second visit to the White house, she was able to see current President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump take off in Air Force One. White was also able to observe the Nation’s Press Briefing room and visit the Supreme Court.

She learned through her experience that the news and media industry is strenuous work, White imagined how tiring her future could be. She said, “It was intense, but I’m thankful for the opportunity.”

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