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The Chinese Culture Center’s American Education and Culture Ambassador’s summer program welcomed Clark Atlanta University student, Paige Johnson.

This mass media arts major found herself in Hohhot, China teaching a group of local Chinese teachers in efforts to improve their English teaching methods.

Johnson participated in this summer internship from July 16 to August 1, after learning about it’s details through the career services platform, Handshake. She explained that a typical day started at 6am with grading student’s homework then follow up with feedback. The English major students were engaged to speak English before entering lecture periods.

“My most valued moments overseas were outside of the classroom,” Johnson said. After the lunch break, the students learned American dances like, “Wobble” of “Cupid Shuffle,” before the day ended at 4pm.

As students gleaned of the American culture, Johnson soaked in the authentic culture by exploring parts not usually visited on regular tourist trips.

“I felt like they taught me more than I was able to teach them,” Johnson
shared, “I will always advise my CAU peers to study or teach abroad.” She advocates to see a greater African American representation making an influence on the world.

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