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Clark Atlanta University’s Man of the Year, Moses Kilpatrick wants to use his position as a positive impact around the CAU campus.

The junior speech communications student is passionate about helping others and is eager to make a change this year.

The Miami, FL native holds a significant position on campus that is determined to remind every student that they were created with a purpose and that purpose should be implemented into their daily lives. With there not being anyone in the “Man of the Year” position for the past 2 years, Kilpatrick knew he would have big shoes to fill.

Not only was the overall student body at CAU his focus but the male students in general he felt needs attention. “As ‘Man of The Year’, I plan on implementing my three initiatives which is increasing the male retention rate, increasing the male involvement on campus and increasing the use of our campus resources,” Kilpatrick shared.

He and several other male student leaders on campus started “The Kings Den” which is an event geared towards the CAU male students coming together to have a powerful exchange with one another.

“As young African-American males, I feel as if it is important for us to do positive things of this nature, we must ensure that each male knows that he is indeed a king,” he said.

Kilpatrick is giving his all with this position and he looks forward to making this school year one like none other.

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