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With hopes of becoming an International Commercial Real Estate Investor, Clark Atlanta University student is one step closer to her career after interning with one of the top five largest banks in the world.

Abria Perry is a junior business administration major with a dual concentration in finance and international business, who hails from Boston, Massachusetts. Perry attended a three-day Sophomore Leadership Conference last March, where she competed amongst Ivy League students for an internship with Wells Fargo.

“The sophomore leadership conference served as reassurance that the Clark Atlanta University School of Business was preparing me to not just be a part of the business world, but to make a paramount contribution to the world as a whole and more specifically the greater good,” Perry said.

Out of 15,000 applicants, Perry was the youngest and only HBCU student selected as a Financial Analyst intern with Wells Fargo in Boston, Massachusetts this summer. Perry interned ten weeks at Wells Fargo, working forty hours a week Monday through Friday.

“I was not working in a bank where you have tellers and make transitions.  I worked for a middle marking bank that served companies between twenty million dollars to a billion dollars in revenue,” Perry said.

An average day at Wells Fargo for Perry was attending meetings, reviewing company’s financial reports and completing industry analyst. Her biggest responsibility was to analyze company’s performance and determine what it meant for their relationship with bank.

“The work was challenging, however I worked with such an awesome team that guided me and showed me endless support. The company itself is awesome,” Perry said.

Learning corporate culture and social norms in the office was different for Perry, however as an HBCU student she never felt she couldn’t handle herself in an organization that was not predominantly black.

“I got extremely blessed with an office who were genuinely interested in what it meant to be a student at a historically black university,” Perry said.

Aside from working, Perry had the opportunity to volunteer at Boston Children’s Hospital through Wells Fargo.

Perry strongly recommends the Wells Fargo Internship to other business students at Clark Atlanta University. From intensive training programs, to hands on experience, Perry believes that Clark Atlanta’s business school more than prepares its students for corporate America.

When asked what advice would you give to students seeking internships, Perry said, “You never know when opportunities are going to arise, but when they arise don’t be afraid to take them.”

Perry was offered a return offer to intern with Wells Fargo for Summer 2019.

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