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Clark Atlanta University arts major student, recently got the chance to travel to India due to recognition from a CAU alumnus, Michael Hades.

Jaylon Rhodes discovered this opportunity through CAU’s International Affairs building, located behind the Honors and Scholars trailers.

This program provides study abroad opportunities and internships through the summer and during the school year. “Talk to Mrs.Wade or other faculty members, they will give you the guidance to participate on these trips,” Rhodes said.

Throughout the program, Rhodes experienced different cultures and attended multiple historical temples such as the Taj Mahal. Due to India’s ancient artifacts, electronic devices were prohibited when entering the building.

“You can take pictures outside of the Taj Mahal, but inside you could not,” Rhodes said. He was highly amazed at how different their culture was from the United States. “You will not see a stop sign in India,” Rhodes said.

Considering the welcoming environment this country requires citizens to have “steak houses” posted all around the city for visitors to live there for a while to enjoy their true culture.

Rhodes took on this opportunity after his previous experience in China and
being asked personally to join this trip. “I’m glad I went. This opportunity opened my eyes to other people’s cultures and I wanted to experience that with this program,” Rhodes said. He deeply recommends this opportunity to other CAU students for those who “love to travel and learn something at the same time.”

Students could apply for this week-long program by connecting with CAU alumni and visiting CAU’s International Affairs trailer.

“Learning other people’s cultures are a blessing, you might be more relatable to other origins which makes you humbler about the things you were given,” Rhodes said. He hopes to follow his path of becoming a U.S. Diplomat and continue to encounter different cultures.

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