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Included in the list of events for Clark Atlanta University’s 2018 homecoming was a bizarre for students to experience the varying cultures found on Oct. 8 on the promenade, the director of International Programs explained.

“We have students studying abroad from the Middle East, Asia, Caribbean, Europe and Africa creating a lot of diversity here and I don’t believe the domestic student population is aware,” Gwendolyn Wade shared.

Student receiving henna tattoo during International Expo on the promenade.

The International Expo is one of the platforms used to introduce the international cultures to the student body that will later be followed up with events encouraging engagement and student fellowship.

Though there are various opportunities for CAU students to travel abroad, Wade acknowledged that many will not be able to partake which is why she wants students to take full advantage of the access to international students in class, in the cafeteria or even walking along the promenade. She feels there is learning dynamic that could be useful both ways.

“The Saudi students are our largest contingents of international students, making 85% of our international student population,” Wade shared.  The students were excited to share their culture in terms of food, religion and dances at the three tables they had set up. Some of the other countries represented are on campus are China, India, Yemen and Nigeria. 

Students were engaged in activities like receiving henna art applied to their hands using all organic skin dye and their names handwritten in Arabic. Foods were offered for sampling like curry and jerk chicken, Arabic coffees, dates and Saudi Arabia’s national dish kabsa with rice.

The International Programs trailer is located across from the Bishop C. Henderson Student Center and behind the two Honors trailers. Schedule a time to speak with Mrs. Gwendolyn Wade, (404) 880-6193 or gwade@cau.edu to inquire about the upcoming events and learn more about the available opportunities to travel abroad.

Wade hopes that with over 230 international students from 20 different countries, CAU welcomes the students in a manner in which CAU students would like to be welcomed when traveling abroad.

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