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Hosted by the first graduating class of Clark Atlanta University of 1988, the alumni welcomed all of CAU to join in festivities on Oct. 12 at the Albert H. Watts Alumni House.

Those in attendance were treated to Mexican cuisine and the reunion of one another.  Amidst the many homecoming activities, alums were able to kick back and enjoy the best of their alma mater.

CAU alumna, Canielia Jarrell

CAU alumna of 1996 and Chicago native, Canielia Jarrell graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in accounting and is now working as a school counselor for the Chicago Public School System. “Network with your peers because you can learn a lot from people from different parts of the country and have been where you are,” Jarrell said.

CAU alumni headed over to Holly Hill (University President’s house) for more refreshments and an address from Clark Atlanta University’s president Ronald A. Johnson.

Guests were pleased with what they once called home and the participation of students networking with them. As many of them recall, that was not something they took advantage of while they attended Atlanta University, Clark College,  and Clark Atlanta University.

Alumna, Misha Sturns of Fort Worth, TX graduated from CAU in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts in mass media arts and is currently working in Pharmaceutical Sales for Kroger Specialty Pharmacy. She advised students to “take advantage of as many opportunities as possible because that’s something I didn’t do while I was here.”

As president Johnson welcomed our illustrious alums over cake and drinks, many opened up about their HBCU experiences and how it helped them gain their careers today.

Cafabian Heard graduated in 2011 with a degree in Mass Communications now works for CAU as the creative services and marketing specialist. He can be spotted smiling in Harkness Hall or around campus.

Heard shared, “When you major in communications, I feel like you can go into any field…Being an affect communicator allowed me to venture into my field as a creative specialist.”

CAU alumnus Wilton Mannings & Marty Edwards

CAU and its parent institutions have paved the way for many over hundreds of years. Catching up with two Clark College alum, Wilton Mannings (84’) of Dallas TX, an accounting graduate and  Marty Edwards of Dallas, Texas graduated in 1983 with a degree in biology and chemistry.

Mannings said, “It helped me realize I wasn’t an accounting kind of person so I became an entrepreneur and opened up a couple sandwich shops in Atlanta GA.”  Edwards said, “I thought I wanted to go to medical school, I got accepted into four schools and decided that’s not what I wanted to do.” Edwards said he got another degree in health care administration and he now serves as chief for a large IT company for hospitals in Texas.

Both Mannings and Edwards agreed that students should be mindful of what they have and encouraged them to support HBCUs.

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