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Well over 20 years since there has not been any renovations done to the
scoreboard at Panther Stadium, but Athletic Director J Lin Dawson and the Clark Atlanta University staff decided to spice things up a bit.

The New Video Scoreboard now allows fans to see instant replays, highlights, promotional videos, advertisements and other video content to name a few. Athletic Director J Lin Dawson explains what some of the main priorities of the Video Scoreboard is. “One of the priorities is not only to showcase CAU but also to use it as a way of highlighting some of our corporate partners so when you look at that video board, it’s purpose is not only for football but it is a street billboard that is designed for 24/7 usage.” Dawson said.

“There are over a 9,000 cars that drives on MLK Boulevard every day so we
plan to advertise during Falcon games, maybe three or four times during the week, the SEC Championship and also the Super Bowl.” Dawson said.

The New video scoreboard is just one of the 32 projects done in the athletic
facilities at Clark Atlanta University. There are new floors and bleachers at
Henderson Gymnasium, Men’s and Women’s locker rooms have been refurbished with new lockers, a study area and a player’s lounge and also a whole new tennis court just to name a few. The Olympic Track is the next big project for Clark Atlanta University

“We are hoping to start mid to late January installing a new track so that we can not only have a place for our Student-Athletes to train and compete, but a place for our students to focus on wellness and the community to be engaged in walking and running the track.” Dawson said.

Mr. Dawson also explained what different events Clark Atlanta University is
looking to hold on the new refurbished track. “The track is going to be IBFF
certified so we are looking for Junior Olympics, National meets, Senior
Gatherings, HBCU meets, special invitational meets and even conference
championships.” Dawson said.

With many new upgrades being done, Clark Atlanta University athletics is looking to have a fresh new look in a couple of years. “We’re trying to make this not only an athletic program of choice, an investment of choice but the institution of choice.” Dawson said.

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