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(Pictured) Brandi Webb stands next to her mentor, Professor Michael R. Oby, M.A.

Placing America on trial for the injustices and oppression of citizens of color, Clark Atlanta University’s Speech Communications alumna explores the idea of holding America accountable for their actions in her documentary, “Betrayal of a Nation.”

Completing her first off-Broadway show, “Yet to Evolve,” in Time Square of New York City in 2005, Brandi Webb had always known she wanted to be involved in the arts at a very young age.   

Since the completion of the stage play, Webb has not slowed down in creating spaces for her voice to be heard.  She recalls dreams of becoming an actress which has now led her into writing, producing and directing stage plays and films.

Acting by eight years of age, she later began writing and producing stage plays at the age of 19 years old. “I struggled with acting and producing because I love doing both of them and I had to learn they are both full time jobs that deserves an immense amount of attention,” she said.

Works produced by Webb vary in genres from family to drama to suspense like “Sincere’s Heart,” which is her stage play adapted into a full-length feature film and SAG production.

Currently in the post production, Webb anticipates entering her latest project, “Betrayal of a Nation,” documentary into film festivals. A narrative holding America accountable for its crimes against citizens of color, Webb shared on a podcast titled, Make It Plain Live in June.

She understands that the fight of civil, social and economic equality and how it should be extended beyond color lines as she continues to fight for unity.  One of the challenges she has faced is joining forces with others in the industry to deliver a shared message but with the power of numbers. 

Webb said, “If we could collaborate, this would really help to get the message out to the people with the ultimate goal to want to inspire them to want to unify.”

For trailers and updates on Webb’s various projects, go to

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