CAU Alumna,Doctor Worthy takes on NASA

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During the month of Black History, Clark Atlanta University Panther Newspaper would like to acknowledge the Alumni of Atlanta University, Clark College and Clark Atlanta University.

Dr. Erica Sullivan Worthy is a Material Engineer and System Engineer at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.  This Atlanta native is a CAU alumna who graduated in 1993 with the Bachelor degree of Chemistry.

“My typical day is spent providing technical expertise to various projects and programs on how to best develop their design for and/or sustain their design while in the space environment,” Dr. Worthy said.

“I actually did not plan to work in government,” she shared.  When Worthy was an Undergrad student, she interned for a pharmaceutical company for two summers. She gained some experience working in research and development then applied what she learned in organic chemistry and she enjoyed it.

Courses like Differential Equations and Physical Chemistry are two that Dr. Worthy remember taking at CAU that she wasn’t particularly fond but now understands how useful they are in her career. She said, “Both are very challenging but necessary courses to become an expert in many STEM careers.”

During her sophomore and junior year, Dr. Worthy was a CAU Orientation Guide. She was impressed by the thoughtfulness and mentorship given to the students in this role. Having this position representing CAU provided some of her best college memories.

“I thank for you the opportunity to share my memories and how my time CAU helped shaped my career and life,” Dr. Worthy said. She encourages students to surround themselves with those who will push them, step out out on faith and always have the courage to pursue your dream.

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