The Story Behind Denise Sinkler

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Living out Clark Atlanta University’s two part motto, “I’ll Find a Way or Make One” (Atlanta University); “Culture for Service” (Clark College), CAU alumna find most rewarding aspect of her career to be problem solving.

Denise Sinkler works as a Communication’s Specialist for a Fortune 500 company. Helping to improve customer relations, she is apart of the liaison TraceTeam assisting client building.

Sinkler received her bachelor’s degree in Mass Media Arts-Journalism in 2001 from CAU where she also serves as Chairperson for the Clark Atlanta University’s Alumni Mentor Program. Dedicated to community service for 15 plus years, she manages a team of 60 people which includes 30 mentors and 30 mentees.

Growing up in a suburban town of Pittsburgh called McKeesport, Pennsylvania, Sinkler felt it lacked culture to assist her in maturing as a black female. She shared, “I picked an HBCU that was in a city that represented strong Black leadership.”

Sinkler recalls her most rewarding moments as a student at CAU being, “the times when I walked the campus taking in every bit of its atmosphere and truly knowing without a doubt that every bit of me counted.”

While attending Clark Atlanta University she worked to put herself through school and also wrote for the Panther school newspaper where majority of her articles made the front cover.

Sinkler said. “Writing helped me develop into the courageous and outgoing person I am today.” She had to learn that it was okay to be unique within her own circumstances as long as she was headed in an upward direction. She hopes all young Panthers know that success comes with a price but it’s what you learn and grow from in your journey that makes it all worth the while.

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