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On Jan. 28, Clark Atlanta University Mass Media Arts student wins an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles for the “What Men Want” premiere thanks to HBCU Buzzfeed partnering with Taraji P. Henson, Will Packer, and Paramount Pictures for the“What Students Want” video contest.

The 10 day contest allowed HBCU students like freshman, Janerika Owens to a submit video using Instagram describing their new year, career and academic goals.

“Taraji P. Henson told me it was actually about seeing who was passionate about it (goals),” she said.

Henson shared her testimony with Janerika concerning her move to LA with only $700 and how she followed her dreams. Janerika took complete advantage of the opportunity by networking and spending one-on-one time with Henson.

Janerika is a native of Memphis, Tennessee and had never been to California. Her video submission for the contest received over 3,000 comments and over 1,900 likes within the Jan. 7 through Jan. 18 timeframe.

“It was a great experience, very encouraging,” Janerika said. “It was also great sightseeing as it was my first time in LA.”

Janerika shared that the CAU royal court, SGA Undergraduate President, and her classmates were very supportive of her winning this competition.  

Many helped by reposting her video on their social media pages to encourage others in supporting her efforts to win the contest. Students also commented and consistently liked her post. “They really wanted to see me win,” Janerika said.

She encourages the students everywhere to know that dreams do come true. Janerika believes you just have to have faith and keep fighting for it even if it might take 10 years for that one year of success.

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