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“Gender Race and Inclusion in the Sports Media: Who’s in, Who’s ‘Out’, and Who’s Still Left Out ?,” sports panel discussion hosted at Morehouse College in the Bank of America Auditorium on Jan. 25.

The sports media panel included professionals like CAU’s Tareia Williams of Turner Sports Director of Communications, Sports Director of the Louisville Courier-Journal, Rana Cash, GQ’s Style Guide columnist, Mark Anthony Green, Columnist for the New York Daily News, Carron Phillips, Co-Founder Outsports Online Magazine, Cyd Zeigler and VP of Talent Acquisition for Major League Baseball, Renée Tirado.

“Women need to be heard,” Cash said. Throughout the discussion, the focus was on women in sports with Cash naming various issues females face today including: domestic violence, pay equity, and sexual abuse to name a few.

“It should have been more women (on the panel), the whole conversation focused on women’s issues and there were barely any women there to talk and have an opinion about it,” Clark Atlanta University junior mass media arts major, Deja Dorsey said.

On the topic of inclusion and diversity, when it comes to race that’s the first thing people see. Sexual preference and other characteristics are not known at first site. Co-Founder Outsports Online Magazine, Cyd Zeigler said, “One of the things we see when we meet someone is their race and we already judged them.”

When asked what needs to be done for women to receive the equality they deserve, Tirado answered, “You are going to have to work harder for what you want. There may be someone smarter than you, but as long as they cannot out work you, you will always remain on top.”

The discrimination women face is not fair and there needs to be change in the workforce especially sports media. We need to elevate issues important to women and they should be important to men as well.

There are many races and groups of people left out in the discussion of gender, race, and inclusion. Sports media and the workforce has a long way to go, but the important thing is the topic is finally being discussed.

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