Fashion aficionados weight in on Spring 2019 trends

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The sunshine and cool breezy season we call Spring will cause you to put away your fall favorite thigh high boots and hang up your heavy winter coat. One thing you must ask yourself is, “What type of Spring look am I going for?”

Spring is a season to live your best life and look great while doing it. Fashion experts of Clark Atlanta University; Abria Perry and Ivory Williams share their thoughts on personal and trendy styles of spring 2019.

Fashion enthusiast and junior business administration student, Perry’s love for fashion sparked at a young age. Often, she would watch her seamstress grandmother create patterns, dresses, and styles effortlessly. Perry pays significant homage to her grandmother for her love of fashion, she says, “[Her] beautiful works of art always excited me and gave clothing and fashion a deeper meaning in my life.”

Photo courtesy of Abria Perry

Perry vlogs her latest fashion creations, trendy outfits, and clothing hauls while always bringing forth her authentic self through social media. She continuously adds content to YouTube on her “College Week in My Life” series. She understands the need for all college students to focus on their academic studies and look fashionable while doing it as she suggests Zara and Top Shop for affordable spring pieces. Perry shared that loafer mules and statement coats are in this spring season which will ensure students receive a professional yet, stylish look.

Perry is filling her closet with new spring gains as she comments, “I recently purchased a lavender color long line coat that’s been great for the Atlanta winter but can be brought into spring for sure. I intend to wear it with lightweight graphic tees, jeans and possibly some white trainers. It also goes great with slacks and blouses.”

Photo credit: James Bailey

Finding the right fashion tone and style for oneself could be a tough challenge but, Perry shares helpful advice to all rising trend-setters, she said, “Don’t be afraid to try something different but don’t feel forced into trends either. Do what works for you or work your way into trendier pieces.”

A man of studied elegance, Ivory Williams is a graduating senior Mass Media Arts major concentrating in radio, television, and film. He is known for his outstanding academic achievements in addition to his high-profile photo shoots. He resourcefully pairs with other equally ambitious students by hand selecting talented, on-campus models and photographers to simultaneously build each other’s brand. Williams shares concepts of his new editorial designs and business ventures via social media @KingIV__.

His style hunter ability led him to create his management firm Ivory Endeavors, which focuses on multimedia content, branding special events and assisting local brands to turn their vision into a reality. He is a walking high-fashion billboard who is persistent in building his platform for fashion lovers and those alike.

Photo courtesy of Ivory Williams

Williams shared how this spring’s fashion colors will show saturated pastels such as lilacs, blushes, periwinkles, mint greens, and banana yellows. He often compliments his style with a bold clothing accentuation, as he can attest to spring being a bolder season for fashion, he says, “If there is ever a time to be daring and bright with the color choice – spring is that time.” For spring pieces, he suggests the stores: Zara, ASOS, ZeroUV, Steve Madden and Urban Outfitters.

Williams is a big advocate for being confident in your own style and clothing choices no matter your preference, he’d like to share with future trendsetters, “There isn’t a right or wrong way; just have confidence in all of your wardrobe choices as to how you feel in your clothes because they influence how others perceive your outfit of the day.”

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