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The recent government shutdown, enforced by President Donald Trump, affected more than just government employees. Many college students were affected as well.

Clark Atlanta University had its share of students who were and still are
affected by the recent shutdown. The shutdown, which started Dec. 22, 2018, was the longest one in the Trump presidency.

President Trump has issued three government shutdowns since he’s been in office. He started the government shutdown due to the Democrats refusal to give in to his border plans. He declared a national emergency and said there was a crisis at the border.

The constant disagreements between the Republicans and Democrats in
Congress, caused the border plan to be halted. President Trump decided to shut the government down until the Democrats agreed to give in to his plan.

Many college students who receive government assistance were affected. As the shutdown prolonged and progressed, students became the target of its wrath.

Students who receive food stamps and medicaid lost these services during the shutdown. Clark Atlanta University senior, Kyi Reviere shared, “The
shutdown interfered with me receiving food stamps and other government
assistance. As a result, I had to rely on other forms of income to support myself.”

Because the shutdown took place right around tax and refund season, many
students were afraid they would not get their taxes or student refunds.
Enrollment was heavily affected by the government shutdown as well.

Many students did not get financially enrolled until weeks after the semester started, due to lack of funds. Luckily, the financial aid office proposed an alternative. Students were required to bring a document stating that they or their parents have not received pay due to the government shutdown and their balances were placed on a
temporary hold.

Because Clark Atlanta University is a private institution, the government shutdown did not directly affect the school itself, but those working within it.

Professor Derrick Lawrence explained how he,“Had to resort to other means of income to support himself in his personal life.”

The government shutdown ended January 25, 2019. Though there are many speculated reasons, some say the shutdown ended due to the upcoming Superbowl, and some say that it ended because many people closer to the top were about to lose their jobs. As of now, there has been no words or result on the government shutdown.

Trump’s goal of border control was not accomplished. The wall has not been built and there are still arguments over whether building the wall is necessary and legal. The wall’s budget is also entirely too expensive. The current, estimated budget for the wall is close to $5 billion.

According to Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute, “It would be one-tenth of one percent of the proposed federal budget in that year which is over $4 trillion.” Many are still debating if the wall is necessary. There has not been much word since.

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