‘Surviving RKelly’ Producer visits Spelman College

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Being over two months since the series aired, Hampton discussed the lives of singer, songwriter R. Kelly’s victims and their families’ post-production.

“The reason you don’t see a post interview with Dominique is because she wasn’t ready,” the producer stated.

The audience learned from Hampton just how many roles she played while being a producer. The many interviews that aired was her playing her role as “an attorney” which resulted from her hunger to know the truth.

“I was invited onto this project. I did not go around pitching stories about R. Kelly,” the award-winning filmmaker and writer spoke on how her involvement on the project came about.

She emphasized that she wasn’t an investigative reporter, but there was a limited number of questions she could ask the victims while filming.

Despite some blowback from many people that were against the docuseries, Hampton strongly believes R. Kelly’s issues are her generation’s problem to handle.

She discussed the backlash she received and admitted whether or not she knew if it was deserved. “I’ve been on the receiving end of criticism my entire career,” Hampton said.

After spending over 20 years in media, Hampton further considered her expertise of the behavior of R. Kelly and the music industry.

The Detroit native addressed the hidden agenda Kelly has had throughout the years and how the world has reacted to it.  She said, “It’s been an open secret who he is.”

Hampton believes throughout the years, many of R. Kelly’s accusations and hidden agendas have been well documented and the docu-series exposed more of his wrong doings and brought attention to his victim’s pain.

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